World of Tanks - an unusual strategic shooter
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The shooter genre is super popular in modern gaming. It includes story-driven battles that often repeat events from the terrible real-world wars. Still, the real hype around shooters starts with short multiplayer matches. Many very successful games offer exactly such entertainment: CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, etc.

On one hand, World of Tanks is a typical example of a multiplayer shooter game. On the other hand, it’s quite an unusual variation of the genre, where traditional playing characters are replaced with war machines - tanks from the mid of the XX century.

It would be interesting to take a look at this game as a nice implementation of great gameplay ideas and as a successful “game as a service” model. Of course, it would be also interesting to figure out why Caer Sidi is mentioning World of Tanks on its blog - everything is in this article.

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Let the tanks fight

World of Tanks was released quite a long time ago - in 2011. Since then, it grows and evolves, but its core ideas remains the same.

Players take one of the vehicles from their collection and participate in a multiplayer battle in a limited space of a virtual map. Matches of WoT are similar to other competitive shooters - two teams try to destroy each other and achieve a particular goal. The difference is in wider corridors and vaster fields on the maps to allow huge vehicles to move around freely. And of course, the combat units are not humans running with guns. 

The game offers tanks of different classes. Some of them are fast but easy to destroy. Others are super mighty but very slow. You can use artillery that shoots from a big distance or tank destroyers that have been made specially to deal with heavy tanks of the opponents. Big variety of vehicles makes WoT a team-based game, where each team member plays a specific role. Only well-coordinated team actions allow reaching real success in the game - like in many other team-based competitions.

For participating in battles, players get resources to upgrade their tanks and purchase new ones. The technical might growth along with the individual skills.

The possibility of tactical planning for one match and strategic development in the whole game make World of Tanks quite a thrilling experience. It’s not about driving chaotically on the map and shooting all around. Players should know the strengths and weaknesses of their vehicles, develop specific skills to shoot accurately and avoid shots of the opponents, understand the match objectives and the best ways to get the victory, and, again, communicate with teammates and play as a team.

World of Tanks is a multilayered game, simple on the surface and very deep in its core. It’s easy to become involved in its addictive battles. The gameplay has a good balance of a realistic tank simulator and fun arcade battles. Have you played these matches? Give them a try - get World of Tanks from its official site.

Free-to-Play with paid Premium features

The monetization scheme is not only a method for developers to support the game but also a kind of part of the playing experience. We know how the attempts to make more money destroy games. What about WoT?

World of Tanks is free for all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile), but it’s an endless game as a service, so how the developers get profit from it? Various types of microtransactions are involved in the monetization method. Players can purchase special premium vehicles to become stronger in competitive matches or gold to boost their internal progress. Premium accounts give some substantial advantages for a monthly charge, such as additional experience points and in-game currency, access to premium missions and the possibility to exclude a map from multiplayer matches. These offers make World of Tanks one of the most profitable multiplayer online games.

Is it a pay-to-win scenario? Not exactly. If players pay for the premium features, they definitely have some advantages. Free-to-play progress in WoT is much slower, and some players notice a big difference in power between free and premium tanks. Still, the game is absolutely playable in its purely free form. Playing skills are in the first place and premium offers of the developers can’t be a substitute to them. 

Caer Sidi and World of Tanks

Right now, we write about WoT only as an example of possible practical usage of our offer in gaming (and of course, it’s just a nice game to try out). The Caer Sidi service produces phygital assets for game developers, and World of Tanks suits to our offer perfectly well. Imagine a physical souvenir of a game tank that gives some premium features to your account or opens statistics of its virtual copy.

We wrote about the possibilities of phygital assets in the article “Tangible gaming,” taking for examples mostly figurines of virtual heroes. A few such figurines are already available in Caer Sidi Store - such as Champion and Smith from the Post Scriptum paracosm. It’s time to mention in our articles other possible applications of the phygital technology - such as various phygital vehicles.

The distributed ledger is an internal power for any kind of our phygital souvenirs. This technology proves the collectible value of assets and protects from falsifications. DLT helps to synchronize data between physical and digital aspects of phigitality - many amazing things become possible thanks to this.

The technology of NFC (Near Field Communication) adds the cross-reality aspect to phygital assets. In-built chips help to activate game content or open statistics of a figurine (or a tank, you know).

What do you think about phygital vehicles from Caer Sidi? Would you like to get one? Please, let us know on social networks or in our official Discord community.

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