Warface and opportunities of phygital era
How phygital innovation can enter the shooting genre?

Despite some criticism on the essence of gameplay, the shooting genre remains one of the most popular in the industry. Players enjoy fast-paced battles, team cooperation, and the feeling of achievements after getting victories or during the development of in-game characters. Warface is a game to get all of these. It’s a military multiplayer shooter for passionate fans of the genre.

The game was released in 2013, and since then, it got quite a few updates and improvements - to keep pace with time. Have you tried it out?

We at Caer Sidi love playing various games. This experience is joyful on its own, and also it gives a better understanding of how our service can be beneficial for developers and players of a particular game and a particular genre.

Considering the popularity of shooters, we’ve decided to pay proper attention to such games in general and one of it’s brightest examples in particular. What kind of experience can players expect from Warface? What kind of new features can the Caer Sidi service bring into it (and other shooters)?

Quite recently, we published a similar article about the game World of Tanks.

A digital mask of a war

A powerful corporation, named Blackwood, tries to control the whole world. Their primary tool for achieving world domination is military forces, supported by mighty equipment. Blackwood is one side of the in-game conflict.

Another one is a kind of liberation movement, named after it’s leader, a general with the nickname Warface. These guys fight against the authority of Blackwood.

That’s a short story behind the game. Its main focus is not on the plot but on firefights themselves. Players jump into the matches and try to accomplish some specific goals, which depend on the game modes and scenarios.

In the Co-op mode, players unite against AI-driven Blackwood soldiers. A very similar but much harder mode with longer battles is Special Operations.

In the Versus mode, two teams of players fight against each other. Here, players have a few scenarios to choose from, for example, such as the following:

  • Team Deathmatch where players should eliminate opponents;
  • Storm where one team protects a territory and another tries to occupy it;
  • Destruction with the necessity to call airstrikes;
  • Tactics with the possibility to change the class of your character during skirmishes;
  • Plant the bomb - one team is up to a destructive explosion and another has to prevent it;
  • Free for all where everyone fights against everyone else in the middle of exciting chaos.

These modes and scenarios define the gameplay quite well. You appear in a virtual location with a gun and teammates to support you. In a limited space of the map, you look for opponents and shoot them. It’s like a pure classics of the shooting genre. 

Classes of the characters make the teamwork very interesting. To get the victory, you should have a medic to treat the wounded, a sniper to kill opponents from a safe distance, an engineer to restore armor and make quick explosions, and of course, a rifleman to participate in the main fight. The command structure may have the same value as individual skills.

So, are you ready to play? The game is free for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Here’s its official site with many details on the game itself. We continue with a look at the monetization scheme.

Something to purchase: premium equipment and fast progress

Warface is a free-to-play game as a service, it can’t run on the enthusiasm of developers. Money income is needed to support the product for many years of its life cycle.

Players have various types of in-game currencies. Most of them can be gotten from the playing process but premium Kredits are available only for real-world money. They are required for purchasing especially powerful weapons. Also, players can buy with them Booster packs and get other types of currencies - after such payments, the internal progress in Warface becomes faster. The necessity to purchase weapons and the option to make your soldier look great with cosmetic skins - these are quite effective moving powers for the in-game economy. Special Battle Pass with many unique features has become a nice addition to the general monetization scheme.

Still, the developers do not ruin the playing experience for those who don’t will to pay - they can enjoy the game, with slower progress though.

Phygital figurines in shooting games

In our previous article, we talk about phygital assets for tabletop games. This innovation of uniting physical and digital worlds is perfectly suitable for hero-based franchises. But what about such tactical shooters as Warface (or CS:GO, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, ARMA 3, etc) where the difference between game characters is not so obvious?

The answer is quite simple - physical figurines can represent digital accounts, unlock special weapons, and give quick access to the statistics and inventory. 

Games as a service invite players into a very long, almost endless adventure, becoming a part of daily life. A real-world connection to digital events is beneficial for both players and developers. The first get great souvenirs with significant practical value. The second ones give their users a reminder about the digital product, which can be compared to an “ever-working” invitation to delve into virtual matches again, to continue the in-game progress.

The multilayered internal economy of Warface gives many opportunities for personalization of phygital figurines. Various equipment and cosmetic skins can be the same in the real world and in virtuality. Players will have a range of “toy soldiers” to choose from, and the developers will have many interesting options for making this new monetization method even more effective.

Selling merchandise is a very good method to boost money income for game developers. Players love various objects from their favorite game worlds. The interactivity of these objects is a powerful plus to the excitement from having them and a mighty reason to purchase them.

Players get a figurine and activate it for their in-game accounts through the in-built NFC chips - it’s enough to bring a smartphone close to the thing. Digital assets (weapons, armor, skins) automatically appear in the inventory. The same process unlocks digital content, such as access to the Battle Pass or unique Special Operations). Then, this figurine turns into a portal to the game world - bring the smartphone close again to see the full profile, inventory, and history of matches. It’s a super awesome way to show off to friends your great achievements!

Caer Sidi makes the miracle of phygital assets possible. We take care of many processes connected with the integration of phygital technology: from manufacturing physical objects and developing digital features to connecting phygital figurines to the distributed ledger (DLT). For more information on this topic, check out this page for developers.

And while we are working on making new partnerships, why don’t you enjoy Warface, one of the best shooting games on the market?

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