All rewards of Caer Sidi in 2019
A prominent project

Developing an innovative service from scratch is a lot of dedicated work. Ideas at the core of a project may seem brilliant, and still, their power should be proven in practice – by feedback from users, experts, and business partners. This is a way to turn ideas into sustainable business. 

Caer Sidi has come far beyond the stage of just having innovative ideas. We have a beta version of our ecosystem up and running. We are happy and proud to feel the support of the Caer Sidi community. And we are ready to summarize all the rewards the service got in 2019 (it’s not like we are surprised by getting them, but it’s always nice to have confidence powered by recognition from experts).

This post lists all the startup competitions of 2019 we participated in and describes our rewards from them.

For a more detailed look at the development of Caer Sidi in 2019, check out our Caer Sidi Digest #28.

Startup Training Camp by Rocket DAO

In September-October 2019, the startup evaluation platform Rocket DAO held a series of workshops and a competition among startup projects. The main purpose of Startup Training Camp is to help the participants define their ideas and offers to make them appealing to investors. The event itself is a chance to get noticed by various business personalities, which monitored the progress of the startups and judged at the competition.

Caer Sidi participated in Startup Training Camp and won it. We’ve got a set of services from the partners of Rocket DAO, worth $7,000, and the preliminary evaluation of Caer Sidi. The experts gave their opinion on our product, market, business model, and team. The average score in these categories is 7.4 out of 10, and this is quite a higher result.

Please, get more information in the article “Evaluation of Caer Sidi by Rocket DAO.”

GameGroove Mastermind

This conference for gaming startups took place in October 2019. A pitch competition was a part of the event, and Caer Sidi won it.

The organizers are the investment fund GameGroove Capital and the development studio Blackwood Games. There were investment specialists and professionals of the game industry in the jury and among invited guests - for example, people from 500 Startups, Nordic Game Ventures, Amazon Games, Bioware, Lucid Games, and Google for Startups.

The prize from this competition is a year of mentorship support and free office space in Blackwood Games. We plan to get started with this opportunity in February.2020.

It’s interesting that both GameGroove Capital and Blackwood Games were founded by the creators of the popular free-to-play shooter Warface. Now, Blackwood Games work on this franchise – Blackwood is also the name of an evil corporation in the world of this game.


Caer Sidi at GameGroove Mastermind 2019

New York Pitch Day

This event was organized by the fund Starta Ventures​ (USA), the Startup Hub Imaguru, and the network of business-angels AngelsBand (Belarus). For the participants, it was a chance to introduce their projects to big investors and start working on the USA market.

Caer Sidi won 2nd place and the trip to New York to get acquainted with the ecosystem of the startup accelerator Starta.

Startup of the Year 2019

This competition takes place annually in Minsk, Belarus. The organizer is Startup Technologies.

It’s an event for all sorts of startups, and Caer Sidi competed with projects from other industries and markets. We took 2nd place.

The main goal for Caer Sidi at this and other events is to become noticed by investors and potential partners/clients. At Startup of the Year 2019, we’ve definitely achieved this goal.

Caer Sidi at the event Startup of the Year 2019

174th Startup Battle

During this event, founders of various startup projects pitch their ideas to investors and experts. Organizers are Startup Network and KPMG.

Caer Sidi was presented by our CEO Pavel Shlapak, and we won the 174th Startup Battle. The victory gives amazing opportunities because the winner will participate in a similar event in Silicon Valley – the Unicorn Battle is planned for April 2020. For Caer Sidi, it’s a chance to find investors and partners on the promising market of the USA.

Caer Sidi won the 174th Startup Battle

So, having warm feedback from the community and recognition from the experts, we obviously should make the next step and start working with big clients. At the moment, our team is negotiating partnerships with a few companies, and still, we can’t reveal the names before our agreements are settled. We encourage you to follow social accounts of Caer Sidi to stay tuned to all our news.

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All rewards of Caer Sidi in 2019
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