Phygital assets in tabletop games
A solution for business with benefits for players

Gaming is not a new art. It’s a long-time passion of humanity that evolves along with the development of our society and our technologies. Board games are here for much longer than the miracle of video gaming. Even the most amazing visuals can’t compete with the awesomeness of direct communication between human beings in a gaming setting. Physical playing experience keeps its positions in the middle of global obsession with virtual entertainment. 

Of course, our board games do not remain the same as those of ancient people. The creative thought blooms into new game ideas, fascinating stories, intriguing rules, and beautiful playing components. So many games have been created recently that getting your new tabletop adventure can be a difficult choice. Still, some echoes of an approaching crisis become quite obvious. it’s often not enough to fill a game with creative innovations to allow it to stand out from the crowd of competitors and also make it interesting for the mass consumer. The world of tabletop gaming is looking for technical innovations - from both sides: of players and board game companies. 

Search for innovations

Why such a classic type of entertainment as tabletop games needs any technical innovations? Let’s try to figure this out:

  • The world is evolving, so the industry should keep up with these changes. Let’s take for example the old handheld consoles Game Boy. Modern children move their fingers over the screens of these devices and don’t understand why nothing happens. New generations have advanced technologies deeply integrated into their life. Tabletop games won’t be in the hype of popularity as an old-fashioned pastime. Interesting technological features help them to remain in trend.
  • Social life is not limited to the real world for quite a long time already. A significant part of it has moved to the Internet, and physical board games have become divorced from all those “shares and likes”. This is a noticeable obstacle for industry progress.
  • A highly competitive market sets its conditions. To find their customers, board game companies should make exceptional products - in terms of quality, playing experience, and also key distinguishing features that differ their games from competitors (and make the games interesting even for people outside the board games community). Technical innovations are exactly such features.

Phygital assets

Caer Sidi is a service to bring innovations into all types of gaming, including tabletop. We offer board game companies the opportunity to make their products cross-real by adding phygital assets into the playing process.

Phygital assets are physical objects with digital features. For example, it’s a figurine with an in-built NFC chip. When you bring a smartphone close to it, specific information appears on the screen. The digital features may include:

  • opening current characteristics of this hero;
  • quick access to the player’s statistics and achievements;
  • proof of the authenticity and limited edition;
  • the possibility to demonstrate friends the digitized collection of tabletop games and figurines.

The technology of phygital assets opens many possibilities, so it can be weaved into the playing process. Authors of board games get an additional creative tool and have the freedom to use it in the most fantastic way possible. What would you do with phygital assets in your game?

Portal of cross-reality

The digital world is all around us. We touch it through our gadgets, and we can create even more portals to it with the phygital objects.

Imagine a world where players don’t have to write down all the changes in the characteristics of board game heroes and check their notes throughout one match or even throughout many matches. The figurine itself contains this information, protected from backdating changes.

Imagine a world where collectible game figurines are valuable even beyond the tabletop playing environment. They can be used in the game as usual but they also keep information about their origins, previous owners, and the past glorious victories. 

Imagine a world where board game companies can connect with their players the same easily as developers of video games do. For business, this means effective analytics tools and the possibility to offer new products and additions to existing games (a kind of DLCs for physical games). For players, this connection means quick technical support, access to digital game rules with descriptions of characters, and convenient search for similar products (by the same author, for example).

Phygital assets give many advantages to game creators and open new possibilities for players. With Caer Sidi, it’s super easy to integrate this innovation into any product. Our team takes care of the production and connection with digital components. We also offer integration into the distributed ledger (DLT).

There are already two tabletop games with phygital features in Caer Sidi Store:

  • Koi-Koi - it’s based on the traditional Japanese cards Hanafuda and contains a phygital token to get some digital assets;
  • Altar: the War of Gods - this game has tabletop and online versions. Special phygital tokens of Celtic gods unlock deities from the same pantheon in digital collections.

If you are interested in adding phygital assets to your game (or you know someone to share this information with), take a look at this Caer Sidi Presentation for Board Game Companies.

For more information on the possibilities of phygital era in gaming, stay tuned to Caer Sidi on social networks.

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