Paracosm Digest #26
Focus on new partnerships

Caer Sidi is an innovative ecosystem that opens many opportunities for gamers and developers. Its full power can be unleashed only after connecting new games and various physical, digital, and phygital assets. Our development team works hard on internal gaming projects, such as Post Scriptum CTG. Still, the real boost for Caer Sidi can happen only after adding products of our partners to the ecosystem - and this is the primary task for the team at the moment.

Many activities are whirling around this task and not all of them can be revealed in this digest. We promise to inform you about the settled agreements, as we did with the recent partnership with the IOTA Foundation.

Please, check out the news that we can reveal here. Also, you can take a look at our previous informative post: Paracosm Digest #25.

Meet us in October

Let’s start with our plans on attendance at various real-world gatherings in October 2019. It’s a chance for potential partners to communicate directly with our CEO, Pavel Shlapak, and other key persons in the company.

  • Crypto Games Conference 2019 on October 11-12, in Kyiv, Ukraine - it’s a large gathering of professionals from the area of distributed registry/ledger in gaming. There will be stands of Caer Sidi and the game Altar: the War of Gods (by our partners Wanted Games).
  • Internationale Spieltage SPIEL’19 on October 24-27, in Essen, Germany - it’s a trade fair of tabletop games, where players can try out various products and game authors can demonstrate their creations. Among all the other aspects of Caer Sidi, possibilities of phygital assets will be presented there.
  • Game Connection Europe on October 29-31, in Paris, France - it’s an event for business people in the industry to meet each other and make deals.

To get some information on our offer for potential partners, visit this page for developers.

Caer Sidi

Our team works on various aspects of our website One of the directions, for now, is simplifying the registration process - to remove even the smallest obstacles for new users. Also, we work on the internal settings page and the possibility to activate phygital assets in the user inventory.

As you may know, the ecosystem of Caer Sidi has the distributed registry/ledger in its basis. The possibility to connect games to this technology is available through our API. More details on the role of DRT/DLT in gaming can be found in the article “Opportunities of distributed registry in the game industry.”

Post Scriptum

We have quite a variety of opinions on the game Post Scriptum CTG from the participants of the alpha testing. This feedback is the basis for us to make the game better, so the development team works on implementing new ideas and fixing various bugs.

Also, playing tokens of this game got new special abilities. The collection editor has been improved.

Players’ data from this game will be stored in Tangle. Read more about this technology in the article “Tangled gaming: contribution to the future.” 

The 4th episode of the Caer Sidi video blog is all about Post Scriptum:

The work on various aspects of Caer Sidi continues. We’ll inform you about our achievements and milestones in future Paracosm Digests. Stay in touch on our social pages and Discord server.

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