Merchandise enhances gaming experience
A look at the gaming community at EGX 2019

Is playing games a trap? If people even try virtual adventures, they soon may become deeply involved in countless missions and competitive matches. Moreover, they fall into the trap even deeper and start surrounding themselves with various gaming merchandise. What a sweet trap gaming is! It amazingly expands our emotional experience, bringing so much fun into our lives.

The very aspect of playing games is deep and multidimensional. We have countless story-driven and multiplayer games to delve into. But what about the aspect of gaming merchandise? Is it really so powerful? Why is it so?

Let’s find the answers on the basis of real facts, gathered at EGX 2019 - the UK’s biggest gaming event that took place in London, on October 17-20.

What do gamers want?

People may have very different preferences in their gaming life, and still, it’s quite possible to summarize our motivations - we play games to feel that unique and multifaceted gaming excitement. Someone loves RPGs on PCs. Someone prefers action games on consoles. And someone may only play racing games with special wheels. But we all are gamers, and this is a brilliant feeling to be part of this community.

Playing games and be among like-minded people is a significant reason to visit such gatherings as EGX or SPIEL.

Gamers enjoy the game Dreams at EGX 2019 in London

Also, one trend has become super powerful recently - it’s having real-world connections with virtuality of games. This is possible with souvenirs of all shapes and colors: badges, caps, figurines, bags, T-shirts, etc. Probably each gaming event has an area where such items can be purchased - and there are lots of visitors that are whirling around such booths, looking for something special and super pleasant. Merchandise attracts almost the same amount of attention as booths with the possibility to play something.

Gaming merchandise at EGX 2019

Why merchandise?

Cheerful excitement can go beyond the time limitations of playing sessions. When you turn off your computer or turn away from your TV, the real world swallows you as an enormous ocean wave. Ok, the real world is not all gloomy and tragic. Still, many gamers feel themselves suddenly separated from the gaming excitement - all those tangible figurines and toys on the shelves become a kind of salvation. “Oh, the colorful world of gaming is not only in virtuality or in my heart, it’s all around me!”

Gaming toys at EGX 2019

Emotional connection to specific in-game characters is also very important. After spending dozens of hours with that guy or with this girl, players want to have those images on their T-shirts or figurine on their desks. It’s quite a nice feeling to delve into your favorite game so deeply that it starts to surround you in all realities.

Another aspect of gaming merchandise is also worth to be mentioned - it’s expressing your personality through the clothes and various small things. In a way, all people create their images in our physical dimension. Others can have an instant impression on this basis. Friendship can start when people around feel a warm tickle in their hearts after seeing “citizens” of the same gaming ecosystem.

Figurines of gaming heroes at EGX 2019

Everyone has their reasons to purchase and collect gaming merchandise. Regardless of those reasons, this particular area of the market becomes bigger year after year. People around merchandise sections at gaming events is reliable proof of this.

Gaming clothes at EGX 2019

Merchandise 2.0, powered by Caer Sidi

We at Caer Sidi build a huge ecosystem, and producing gaming merchandise is a significant part of it. Still, we do not make something ordinary here. The service of Caer Sidi brings many powerful innovations into the game industry, and this includes gaming merchandise as well.

  • NFC chips. The fact of having a figurine is fascinating, but at the end of the day, that beautiful piece of plastic does nothing - unless it has an inbuilt NFC chip. This small thing contains digital information and significantly expands the possibilities of physical souvenirs. Thus, phygital assets come to the scene, and we at Caer Sidi produce them for our partners. It's up to developers to decide which features will be available through the chip: for example, activating unique heroes in the digital game, getting special skins for playing characters, or just opening a special page with all the history and statistics of this virtual personality.
  • Distributed registry. The power of Caer Sidi makes much more than just adding digital data to physical merchandise. Our service connects phygital assets with the distributed registry, protecting them from falsification, proving their history and achievements, and thus, adding value to these objects.

Gaming merchandise enhances the experience of players by bringing the virtual universes into the physical dimension. Caer Sidi takes the gaming merchandise to the next level and connects the realities of games and the world around us.

What the benefits for players? Popular souvenirs, toys, and even clothes get impressive interactive features. They become a kind of portals to gaming excitement.

What the benefits for developers? Phygital assets is a way to engage players and get additional monetization from your gaming products.

Right now, Caer Sidi is at the stage of adding more content. Recently, we added the game Koi-Koi - the first tabletop product with NFC token in Caer Sidi Store. Also, we participate in various game conferences to deliver our offer to the market players and to start new win/win partnerships. Hopefully, there will be phygital gaming merchandise, powered by Caer Sidi at the next EGX events and many other gaming conferences around the globe.

Are you interested in making business with Caer Sidi? Take a look at our special page for developers.

More information about Merch 2.0 is given in the article “Tangible gaming.”

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