Caer Sidi Digest #27
New conferences, new games

Quite a few exciting events happened since we posted our previous Digest. And that was quite a long time ago - there is a reason for this, and it will be explained in this post. So, without further delay, let’s delve into the news on the development of Caer Sidi.

The name - is it rebranding?

The previous informative post from our company is Paracosm Digest #26 - please check it out if you are interested in our progress. Have you noticed something? Yep, the name of our digest has changed, and now we make reports for our community in Caer Sidi Digests.

Why? Because it’s logical and makes less confusion for our users. “Why Paracosm Digests are published on Caer Sidi?” We have an innovative service to bring into the industry, and two different names describing this service ask for too many explanations. We will use the term “Caer Sidi” more in the future. Of course, the idea of Paracosm Project does not disappear. It’s a creation of Sergey Ivancheglo, one of our co-founders, and it’s up to him to grow some fruits from this seed.

Moving from the wording Paracosm to Caer Sidi will concern other aspects of our service, not only the digest. For instance, Cross-Paracosmic VR Hub gets its new name - Caer Sidi Hub. Thus, we emphasize its connection to the Caer Sidi service and the possibility to use this social hub even without a VR headset. 

So, it’s not a rebranding, strictly speaking. We just choose to use one name for our ecosystem - and (yet again) to stop confusing our users, especially new.

Focus on Phygital

Apart from that “rebranding”, our team has made another significant decision. Many initial ideas of the service, described, for example, in the article “Paracosm platform and Caer Sidi service explained”, are not abandoned. But making everything at once is not the best idea. We have decided to focus on one particular thing - bring innovations of phygital assets into the game industry, and only then make further steps.

Caer Sidi produces phygital assets for our IP and IP of partnering companies. Phygital assets are various physical souvenirs with digital features. For example, it’s a figurine that opens unique digital content in a game or gives detailed statistics of this particular hero. The same technology can be implemented for producing official merchandise of esports organizations - just bring a smartphone close to it and you will see the detailed info about the team or player, including upcoming matches and tournaments. 

Get more information in the article “Tangible gaming”. Also, check out our recent articles on this topic: 

Phygital assets on Caer Sidi - gaming souvenirs with digital features

New partners of Caer Sidi

The process of producing phygital assets is tightly connected to searching for new partners and starting new business relationships. And this is the reason for the big gaps between our digests - new partnerships don’t start immediately, so we took the time to gather enough information to share with you guys.

Caer Sidi participated in three big gaming events last month:

  • Crypto Games Conference - this was an opportunity to meet developers and businesspeople, enthusiastic about the distributed registry in gaming.
  • SPIEL’19 - a trade fair of board games, where we could demonstrate the practical usage of phygital assets and present the tabletop version of the game Altar: the War of Gods.
  • Game Connection Europe - a gathering of businesspeople from the game industry, which look for promising partnerships for their companies.

All these events have brought us many new contacts, but again, time is needed to turn them into contracts. So far, we can reveal only our deep satisfaction from feeling the sincere interest of various companies in Caer Sidi - it really motivates us to move forward. Particular names should remain hidden due to legal reasons.

New products in Caer Sidi Store

Here we have some results of our efforts in bringing new content to the service. And a kind of spoiler - much more come in the near future:

  • Koi-Koi - the first tabletop game in Caer Sidi Store with a phygital token in each box. It is based on the traditional Japanese cards Hanafuda.
  • Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR - we have an agreement with the developers from MiroWin about selling game codes for this product in Caer Sidi Store twice cheaper than it’s available on other platforms.

Also, Caer Sidi Store offers new Limited Edition T-Shirts:

Halloween 2019

How was your Halloween this year? Was it an exciting prelude of the upcoming Winter Holidays?

We at Caer Sidi had a good time and shared some of our excitement with the community - through a Halloween Promo game with rare and Legendary Pumpkins, which gave random assets to their owners. Quite a lot of these pumpkins were sold during the promo. Thanks, guys, for your support!


The work on Caer Sidi continues. We’ve decided on the priorities and move to our goals - which is, first of all, to create a useful service for everyone in the gaming community.

Follow our further progress through the blog posts and social accounts of Caer Sidi.

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Caer Sidi Digest #27
New conferences, new games
History of Phygital technology (in gaming and beyond)
Great start for innovative technology
Welcome keepers of Caer Sidi
Enigmatic inhabitants of the legendary fortress
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