Phygital features of tabletop Altar
Three phygital tokens in each box

The idea of Caer Sidi as a cross-real ecosystem is great in theory - and we are so glad it proves its greatness in practice as well. Our team feels a sincere interest of our potential partners, game developers who want to bring the “miracle” of phygital assets into their products. Also, we receive positive feedback from the Caer Sidi community on the first practical implementations of the phygital technology.

The game Altar: the War of Gods is exactly such implementation. It is available in two forms: physical and digital, and the tabletop version includes a few phygital tokens.

This post is all about how those tokens work and which advantages they give to the players. To know more about the phygital assets, you can check out our other articles: “Tangible gaming” and “Collectible items in games: Something’s missing”. 

Battles of real-world deities

Altar: the War of Gods is a product of our partners from the Wanted Games studio. It’s a collectible token game where players control armies of might mythological creatures and battle their opponents on the playing board.

Long ago, gods gave people magical tokens to thank for their worship. Now, ancient deities are almost forgotten, and they struggle to have even a small portion of humans’ faith. Battles of Altar offer an effective method of supporting deities of your choice, give them power and the very life energy. The magical tokens should return to the sacral altar - at least for the time of your game matches.

There are a few pantheons in Altar. They contain personalities from real-world mythologies. Each token has its unique characteristics, such as cost for entering the board, the number of steps for one turn, the power of attack and defense, and some special abilities. Collecting nicely balanced tokens to your army means having more options in building successful game tactics and strategy.

The online version of Altar: the War of Gods is in its open beta right now. With it, you will get the following pantheons: Aztec, Japanese, Indian.

The tabletop version of Altar is available in Caer Sidi Store. It contains absolutely unique Celtic pantheon. In fact, purchasing the physical game is the only way to get Celtic deities into your digital collection. Here we’ve come close to the phygital tokens.

The tabletop version of the game Altar: the War of Gods - with a cross-reality feature through phygital tokens. Buy it in Caer Sidi Store

Phygital gods of Altar - how to activate them?

If you’ve got your tabletop Altar (congratulations!), open the box and, after enjoying the art style of the game elements, take three tokens of primary gods:

  • Manannan - the sea god, king of the Otherworld, which is a Heaven-like realm of the deities;
  • Morrigan - the phantom queen, goddess of battles and war, a guardian of territory and people on it;
  • Cernunnos - the horned god or god of forest, animals, and nature.

These three tokens are phygital. They have in-built NFC chips, which allow activating digital features with most of the modern smartphones (or with special NFC readers). Here is a step-by-step instruction for phygital tokens of Altar:

  1. Enable the NFC reading option in settings of your smartphone;
  2. Bring any of three god tokens close to the device;
  3. Press the “Activate” button on the screen;
  4. Sign in into your Caer Sidi account;
  5. Your assets have been activated and you can check them out in the inventory.

The process is as easy as pie. For now, new tokens remain in your Caer Sidi inventory. Soon, we will launch the possibility to transfer them to the online version of Altar: the War of Gods.

Each phygital token brings three digital tokens of supportive entities. They are:

  • for Manannan: Selkie, Merrow, and Draky;
  • for Morrigan: Fachan, Dark Dragon, and Raven;
  • for Cernunnos: Nemeton, Alraune, Green Ladies.

In Altar, you don’t have a god token separately from their army, so the army leaders will appear in the game automatically.

The tabletop version divides Celtic supportive entities by three factions: Green ones of the forest, blue ones of the water, and red ones of death. Notice that the online version hasn’t such a division. You will be able to take any of them to a battle.

Surprises of tabletop Altar

The game Altar is a new product on the game market. It was presented to the community of tabletop gamers quite recently, at the specialized event SPIEL’19 (we wrote about it in Caer Sidi Digest #27).

The first batch of the tabletop games Altar consists of 50 experimental boxes. Some of them are special - the game authors have put surprises in them.

Each box contains color glass pieces (stones) to make an analogue of random number generator that determines the results of battles in the online version:

  • red stones - for attack;
  • yellow stones - for attacking abilities;
  • dark blue stones - for defense;
  • light blue stones - for defending abilities.

For a token battle, a specific number of stones should be placed in the bag. One randomly chosen piece will determine the battle result.

Some boxes contain stone sets of unusual colors, such as dragon set, rainbow set, black&white set, transparent set, nature set, etc. Have you got your box of Altar - check out the colors of your stones. Here are a few possible variants (you may get something else):

Unique color stones of the tabletop game Altar: the War of Gods - buy it on Caer Sidi

Altar is a practical implementation of another one innovative technology. The online game will be connected to the distributed registry. Get more info on this topic in the article “Tangled gaming: contribution to the future.”

Wanted Games offers some other products in Caer Sidi Store. One of their games has phygital tokens too. In fact, it was the first tabletop game with phygital features in our ecosystem - Koi-Koi with traditional Japanese cards Hanafuda. Also, you can purchase their game Goblins vs Gnomes and enjoy building roads to the gold with active communications of players (some are goblins but try to hide their identity).

The team of Caer Sidi works on bringing new games to our ecosystem to offer you more amazing phygital assets. We negotiate details of a partnership with various companies and hope to share with you some cheerful news very soon. In a recent article on the Caer Sidi blog, we mentioned an example of a possible implementation of the cross-reality technology - phygital vehicles. Please, check out the post “World of Tanks - an unusual strategic shooter.”

Stay tuned to the news of Caer Sidi on our social pages.

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