Caer Sidi in 2020 and beyond
The future is unknown but we look into it with enthusiasm

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to look back to offgoing year and think over everything that happened with the Caer Sidi project. In fact, we’ve already done this in Caer Sidi Digest #28 (Back to 2019). So now it’s time to look to the future. This is a post about our plans on developing Caer Sidi in 2020 and even beyond this year.

First of all, let us emphasize - this is not a roadmap. There are so many unknown factors, that we can’t reveal a precise roadmap right now. The most important aspect to affect our plans is starting new partnerships. Our team is negotiating with a few development companies on the possibility to integrate Cross Reality features into their gaming products (games are welcome on Caer Sidi). Still, we have to keep the names secret. News will be revealed in this blog and on our social pages - please, follow them.

Focus on the B2B segment

Many improvements happened in our project throughout 2019. The essence of these changes has been described in the article “Significant renovation of Paracosm Project.” 

We at Caer Sidi have made the decision to focus on the B2B segment and offer the game developers and publishers the possibility to produce innovative phygital assets for their franchises. It’s not like we turn the project into a manufacturer of figurines and various merch with NFC chips. Caer Sidi offers a deep software solution, based on the distributed ledger.

In 2020, we plan to move in the same direction. Our goal is to start cooperation with games that have a big audience. The master plan for reaching this goal contains participation in networking events to deliver information about our services to potential clients. Some significant achievements in this way have been described in the article ”All rewards of Caer Sidi in 2019.” In April 2020, we plan to participate in the startup competition Unicorn Cup in Silicon Valley.

Of course, the plans to develop a huge gaming ecosystem are not abandoned. We keep in mind this ambitious idea and take steps to make it possible. In fact, the focus on B2B is exactly such a step. First, we need to start working with well-known gaming products, make a good reputation in the industry, and thus attract users to our platform. Then, the whirling activities on Caer Sidi will come automatically, including many games connected to Caer Sidi Hub and many transactions in our Assets Market.

Phygital Gate

So, we plan to enter the Phygital Gate in 2020. It’s a trend of uniting physical objects and digital features into one gaming experience. Caer Sidi aims to be on the edge and creates it. We are among the first on the market who offer such a solution. Now, to really enter the Phygital Gate, we need to add a  cooperation with a big partner to existing practical integrations of our technology. This will motivate other developers and publishers to take the same step and open this new monetization method for their products.

We have contacted around 300-400 game development companies and felt from them a very good perception of our product. Around 70% of our communications have been already converted into leads, around 7% are on the legal phase. It’s a very promising result.

The project is also interesting for investors - the preliminary evaluation of Caer Sidi, made by the experts of Rocket DAO, is a reliable proof of its potential.

For entering the Phygital Gate, we are ready to work with companies of different sizes. Still, our primary focus is on big partners.

Software basis

The same like Apple produces hardware but powers it up by their brilliant software, Caer Sidi manufactures phygital assets and provides a software basis to make these souvenirs and merch really innovative. 

Our software solution opens various opportunities for both gamers and developers. For example:

  • Users get additional ways to interact with games and other players;
  • Developers get new ways to contact their players, and players got new ways to reach developers;
  • Physical assets get proven traction of their history;
  • The integration with other products will allow analyzing the game and offering products especially for a specific audience (it’s in our mid-term plans).

In 2020, we plan to continue working on the software basis of Caer Sidi in its computer version, mobile application, and backend part. This aspect of the project should be strengthened, it’s the same important as the search for partners.

To the future!

This new year may bring lots of new challenges, and we are confident in the power of Caer Sidi to turn them into successes. Probably, we will be able to reveal a detailed roadmap quite soon. Still, the content of this document strongly depends on our agreements with partners. A starting user adoption of our system will boost further progress.

We should act fast and efficient at this stage. The trend of connecting the real and virtual worlds is growing, and Caer Sidi has the power to catch the momentum and grow into an impressive ecosystem. We are looking for partners to help us scale up the service and speed up the development process. 

Want to get another insight into our plans? Imagine phygital objects that react to in-game events with lights, sound, and even movements. A tank will “shoot” together with its virtual counterpart. A soldier figurine salutes to congratulate you with a victory. Many more “miracles” become possible with Caer Sidi. Our service opens new creative freedom for developers and gives fresh fun for gamers - the users will have new ways to demonstrate their achievements, such as trophy rooms in Caer Sidi Hub.

Thanks for being with us. See you in 2020 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

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